The Company

Since 2010, our company has been doing its best in order to discover and provide reliable solutions.

We offer our services both as operational contractors and as integrators, in the field of security systems, in fiber-optic based communication, in control systems, and in the data communication field.

Since day one, we have been putting all of our efforts into creating the ultimate customer experience.

Thanks to our expertise and profound experience in the field, we have the ability to perform complex tasks and complete multifaceted projects on a tight schedule.

Our company works all across Israel, including Judea and Samaria. An internal malfunctions center is available to our clients 24 hours a day, along with critical systems in every region, at every hour.

It is our belief at Campus Communications that our greatest asset is our team. The company employs a certified staff with a professional background and extensive experience. The staff is made up of an electrical engineer, instrumentation and control engineer, electricians, a communication technician, and infrastructure employees – all ready to provide a professional response to any challenge at hand.
Our company is certified and complies with the ISO 9001 quality management standards, including those supervised under the Standards Institution of Israel.


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