Providing immediate servicing for FO operational malfunctions, in the Northern Israel and Judea and Samaria.

Upgrading a FO network, at a secured compound. Approximately 40 communication centers.

Setting up pole arrangements for wireless communication in tKerem Shalom area in Israel.

Establishment of a communications network based on an 11-km-long fiber-optic communication network, consisting of 45 branches for a client in the Security industry in Southern Israel, servicing and maintenance included.

Establishing foundation, installing poles, distributing and connecting a fiber network in the Kerem Shalom crossing in Southern Israel.

Setting up a fiber-optic-based communications network for a client in the security.

Connecting optical fibers into a 160 km-long fiber-optic network, in Uganda.

Establishing a set of cameras, for emergency, Haifa municipality.

Camera pole at Vered Jericho.

Setup of a peripheral defense system, including: PoE, PTZ, motion and still cameras, establishing power connection, optical fibers, low voltage and communication cables, installation of alarm systems in 15 BiElectric sites, all used for production of electricity via solar energy, in Southern Israel.

Establishment of a communication network, storage, and management offices.

Establishment of an infrastructure network in brand new office buildings in the Israeli cities of Ashdod and Mishor Edumim.

Establishment of an infrastructure network in a new building structure in the Israeli city of Lod.

Upgrade to fiber-optic cables during transmission of Partner Cellular company to 4th generation communication.

Setup and maintenance of communication infrastructure in 10 schools in the Golan Heights.

Upgrade of the fiber-optic network.

Upgrade of the fiber-optic network in the Standards Institution of Israel’s communication room.

Establishment of a fibers and PoE switch based communication network for a secured system of a client in the security field.

Connecting and maintaining a fiber-optic network on the national highway 6, and in the fast lane.