Fiber-Optic Infrastructure

Our Fiber Optics department offers you its long-time service experience in distribution of fiber-optic infrastructure, beginning at the planning stage, and all the way to the testing and documenting stages. As our customer, a full stock of fibers is at your disposal at any given time, as well as a mobile optical communication unit, a 4X4 vehicle available for use on challenging terrains, and advanced testing and welding optical equipment.

The department operates and distributes nationally on a 24/7 basis, providing solutions to FO malfunctions.

Our company markets a variety of fiber-optic infrastructure products  such as 19″ routing tables, in all sizes and density levels, packaging of interior and exterior cabinets for fiber-optics, dedicated optical packaging for control cabinets, sealing containers for connecting fibers – even under difficult conditions, tactical cables, etc.
In addition, we will gladly offer a variety of communication products for optional fiber optics, such as Ethernet, Video, RS2422/485 interfaces, SFP components of different paces, and several optical switches for a numerous work environments.